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DYCO was formed to serve the need for aftermarket construction equipment products at a fair price, with ample inventory, and high quality control standards.

The formation of the company occurred in 2017 with principals who have been industry leaders for more than 20 years.

Dyco Swing Bearings and Gears

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01. Factory Direct

We work with a trusted manufacturer to the OEM’s. The company and this relation ship allow for the highest quality standards.

02. Competitive Pricing

With the middle man eliminated, we are able to provide you with near factory direct pricing for your parts.

03. Fast Fulfillment

If a part takes too long to reach you and get your machine back up and running, the savings you might see can be exhausted rather quickly. We work with international leaders in the logistics business to ensure rapid fulfillment virtually anywhere around the globe.

04. Quality

We ensure the quality of the manufacturing of the parts sold by DYCO. Our experience in the business has allowed us to attain a level of understanding of what our customer requires and expects.

Founding Members

The founding members of DYCO Equipment have years of leadership in the aftermarket final drive and swing drive market. The credibility provided by the founding partners is second to none.